Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance provides the means to pay for care should you ever need it.  


According to Genworth's 2012 survey, the national average cost for in home care is more than $43,000 annually.  The cost of full time care in a nursing home on average is more than $80,000 annually and going up.  While insurance protects what you have and everything you have worked for, long-term care insurance means you can have a say in the type of care that you receive should you need it.  


With long-term care insurance you will have a say in whether or not you can stay in your home or need to go to a more permanent type of care provider such as a nursing home.  You will have more choices in the nursing home that you go to should you need to.  You will be better able to protect the assets you have acquired and perhaps most important of all, you will not have to put financial pressure on your family.


Many people think that long-term care insurance is the same as their Medicare or Medicaid plan and this is not true.  Many people think that LTC is just for people 65 and over, again, not true.   Many people think that this is something they can put off to buy later, while there is not an exact "best time" to buy there is definitely a "too late" time.  


Let us help you make an informed decision on LTC, we are happy to answer your questions, find you quotes on coverage and will discuss how you should decide the best time to buy. 

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