Disability Insurance

Most people are in a situation where if they become disabled they are going to need cash.  When a person becomes disabled and is unable to work, sooner or later the income will stop while the expenses keep on coming. The odds are quite high that a person who is 25 today will be disabled for a 90-day period before they hit the age of 65.  
Disability insurance can replace a portion of your income in the event you are unable to work.  While a major medical policy will pay your doctor or hospital bills, there are the day-to-day expenses of the household as well as any additional costs that might come with disability.
Like life insurance, disability insurance is a necessary form of coverage if you have people dependent upon you and your income.
From short term to long term you have many options available to tailor protection that will serve best for your circumstances and your budget.  Let us get the answers to your questions so you can decide if a disability policy is right for you.

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