So when we are sitting in the coffee shop and you ask "whats new in the insurance world?",here is my Topic Of the Day.

Blog seemed to boring, rant too extreme, news letter - do you really want to sit down to a lengthy news letter on insurance topics?  How about a topic of the day?

Wow, I am really bad about keeping up to date posts.  July 19, 2019 and I see the last post was about Disability Insurance Awareness Month in May.  By the way, no one likes that product name, per Tom Nicols at CPS the product is Income Protection - its true function.  Anyway, May is over and the industry is gearing up for the fall with open enrollment for health and annual enrollment choices with Medicare Parts C & D.

While we eagerly await pricing and benefit levels I am going to try and come up with some money numbers, exactly where is all this money going??  I read an article about two years ago that tracked how the AMA, big Medicine, big Pharma and lobbyists had enjoyed a windfall since the ACA.  Oddly, that article has been pulled - curious.  

With luck we can find some answers and numbers to talk about.

Ask the questions and be informed, get the coverage you need and have one less thing to worry about!

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